A trip to Milky Way- Our Galaxy

A cot made up of nave and a pillow made of polyster on the terrace of a two storey building for about two months during every summer for almost six years was my night's bed, and listening to the stories read to me by my grandmother was the best part of my childhood that I... Continue Reading →

City of Love <3

The most common phrase we hear nowadays from the youth- "Love is in the air", I couldn't co-relate to this until my recent visit to the City of Love. Yes, we are talking about Paris in this blog; as the French summer vacation came to an end (beginning of September), Parisian people were back to... Continue Reading →

Genesis of Love

The Clock is ticking and there are only thirty minutes left for the examination. Raj can you hand me the text book asks Sid sitting at the corner of his bed; fiddling with a pencil in his hand, having a messed up hair and an eyeglasses sliding down his nose. Yes, take it says Raj... Continue Reading →

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