Ladakh: The journey of life

I wished for the time to stand still as there shouldn’t be any way of escape from these moments. These are breathtaking, nerve-racking and cliffhanger moments. These moments are achieved by overcoming numerous hurdles, everlasting dreams, uncountable plans and tiring journeys. What are these moments? Why are they so special? The Journey begins... There was... Continue Reading →

Genesis of Love

The Clock is ticking and there are only thirty minutes left for the examination. Raj can you hand me the text book asks Sid sitting at the corner of his bed; fiddling with a pencil in his hand, having a messed up hair and an eyeglasses sliding down his nose. Yes, take it says Raj... Continue Reading →

Role play of thoughts!

When you sit back and contemplate about what has happened in your life, the thoughts that flow through your head are those which either made you happy or sad, but don’t you think you have gone through enough and more emotions rather than just two? What does this mundane daily routine have to offer you... Continue Reading →

The Tourist’s Paradise

It is eight in the morning and the sun seems to have taken its position in the sky;  the flight of pigeons, seemingly calm streets, feeble buzz of the leaves along the street welcomes you to the world which only existed in your imagination, what makes it more eclectic are the tall skyscrapers and the... Continue Reading →

Epic Battle between the Arch-Rivals

With the sun shining brightly and the typical English breeze blowing around the city, the stage was set perfectly for an epic battle between the archrivals in the Kennington Oval in London. With every passing minute, the nerves were being tested for their strength to sustain the excitement. People rushing into the ground, settling in... Continue Reading →

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