Chocolates or Waffles? Why not both?

Yes, Yes, Yes! as a child, I was very much fond of chocolates and the affinity towards them only grew with my age and I have decided that, if at all I'm visiting Europe then the land of chocolates will be the first goto place. And finally, as I get an opportunity to visit Europe... Continue Reading →

City of Love <3

The most common phrase we hear nowadays from the youth- "Love is in the air", I couldn't co-relate to this until my recent visit to the City of Love. Yes, we are talking about Paris in this blog; as the French summer vacation came to an end (beginning of September), Parisian people were back to... Continue Reading →

Travel tale to Papi hills

We woke up to witness the Sun peeking through the gloomy clouds, river gushing through the mighty mountains, and cold breeze blowing through a tiny opening of our window. Yes, we have reached our initial destination in Andhra-Pradesh (a south Indian state)- Rajahmundry. We have received a warm welcome from nature as well as people;... Continue Reading →

An Adventurous Travel Tale

Adventure, the word which is being used by many of the youngsters from each and every athwart of the world, and I being one of the youngsters would use it to elucidate my recent travel tale. Located in the western Karnataka (a South Indian State) and close to the "pearl of the Orient"- Dandeli is a... Continue Reading →

Voyage in Pensioner’s paradise

Right after hearing that this place was called a pensioner's paradise, my senses seemed to have startled, my eyebrows seemed to have raised; I'm unsure whether it is still apt to call this place as pensioner's paradise; a small journey of a person whom I know will corroborate my feeling. A place where our aging... Continue Reading →

Golden Days!

Let's take a moment off from our busy schedule and think about those precious four years of our lives which gave us the strength, courage, and stamina to fight and achieve wonders in our years to come.  Every person in their life has felt it at some point in time that those days are the... Continue Reading →

Old war-horse, running strong

Leading into the tournament with a lot of expectations and rivalry, Australian team selection has been pointed out by a lot of critics about the inclusion of Tim Paine, did he live up to them or not? well, by now you cricket lovers, followers and critics would have had the answer. English men had to... Continue Reading →

Through to the Elite Group

The headlines of the England’s newspapers read like this: “Jimmy joins the Giants”, “Jimmy Anderson joins the 500 club as West Indies finally begin to buckle in the deciding Test at Lord’s… where it all began for the England ace”, “ 500 up! Anderson becomes first England player in history to reach this milestone of... Continue Reading →

Ladakh: The journey of life

I wished for the time to stand still as there shouldn’t be any way of escape from these moments. These are breathtaking, nerve-racking and cliffhanger moments. These moments are achieved by overcoming numerous hurdles, everlasting dreams, uncountable plans and tiring journeys. What are these moments? Why are they so special? The Journey begins... There was... Continue Reading →

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