The long-awaited ride: Bangalore to Hyderabad

I always had a fascination for motorcycles and road trips, and my love for them only grew with time, I own a Yamaha FZ which you might have noticed in my earlier blogs- It is a naked street motorcycle and is a perfect weekend companion. I had gone on many road trips on it, but there was always a thought lingering in my head provoking me to take it for a longer spin.

Right from the moment I landed a job in Bangalore in 2018, I wanted to do a ride from either Hyderabad to Bangalore or the other way around. While I had a motorcycle to aid my cause, my family was never okay with this thought. So, slowly the thought descended into a corner of my head and kept waiting for a right moment.

It was in March 2021, I got the right moment and opportunity to pick up my motorcycle and quench my thirst of riding through to Hyderabad from Bangalore. I did all the preliminary checks and deemed my Yamaha to be fit to go on for a straight 600KM drive.

I started around 6:00 in the morning from Bangalore and was in the outskirts of the city within no time, thanks to rising Covid cases and the torpid weather. I had packed light- a duffle bag roped at the tail and a backpack, as this journey was a trial run for something big planned for the last week of March.

The roads were widened in no time, and I was shivering due to the cold breeze hitting my body, my hands started to tremble and my legs started to quiver. But that wasn’t to last long as the summers hit India as early as the end of February. The cold breeze faded into a more pleasant one as the day progressed, and the ride had become more pleasant by 7:00.

After riding for about 120 KM in 2 hours, I had stopped for hydration and sunk in the thought of my dream coming true and embracing the pleasant breeze howling around, still, it was a long day to go, around 480 KM. I got on the saddle and resumed my ride after 10 min and I could feel the heat kicking in slowly as I enter Andhrapradesh.

The temperature started to rise substantially after 10:00 and the hot breeze running through my body increased with time and the amount of time to ride continuously started to drop, and on top of this, the cushioning of my motorcycle seat was on the harder side and my butt became numb with time. All these led to more pull-ups and eventually more riding time.

The Sun was straight up in the sky and I felt the heat of it on my body, the tarmac was getting heated up too and the tyres started to screech on uneven surfaces, thankfully there weren’t many as the 6 lane road was smooth, hard, it had curves and more importantly there was less traffic making it a rider’s paradise.

After driving for about 450 KM, I found a place by the road with a shade and had stopped for my lunch, thanks to my friends in Bangalore they had packed it for my ride. I got down, sat on the nearby rock under the shade and relaxed for a while. It was around 13:00 and I had to do another 150 KM to reach my home, the ride got longer as I could only cruise at 85KMPH due to the limitations of my motorcycle.

As the time passed by, I can feel the traffic picking up and roads narrowing down; hinting me that I’m close to the city and I knew that the riding time will pick up substantially as I enter the city due to heavy traffic, and that was the case, I entered the city around 15:00 hrs and I had to do around 30 KM to reach my home, and I had reached my home at 16:15.

The last hour of the ride has tested the very last ounce of my patience, but I can easily say that I wasn’t tired and still had the energy left in me to do another 150-200 KM. But, that wasn’t to be as I reached my home in one piece and I was proud of my Yamaha, if you have read my other moto blogs, you would know that I call it the Red Lightning (Yes! I’m a fan of the Flash).

So overall, I would say “Triumph of the hope over experience” as I completed my ride. Do check out this space for an epic 6-day ride I did covering 1700 KM on the Red Lightning. Meanwhile, if you are still here, check out my other blogs below and follow me on Instagram.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next blog, until then happy reading and happy travelling.

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