2020- The Sunrisers Show <3

With half of the world coming to standstill by the middle of 2020 due to the global pandemic, livelihood of many people were at stake, millions of individuals have lost their jobs, economies of various countries started to tumble as lockdowns were imposed.

But, then came the hope as the inevitable slowly started to fade off with countries planning to work in bubbles, With the new routine, my days were passing by sober. 2nd of August 2020 has filled in some excitement in my life with the announcement of IPL 2020, as I could see my favourite team and players in action after more than a year.

I, being a normal IT employee and a supporter of Sunrisers Hyderabad lead by our very own David Warner (Though Australian by birth, very Hyderabadi) was counting the days for my team to be action. Eventually, after a long wait, it was on the 21st of September, I could see them in action from the United Arab Emirates, and boom! It was a major disappointment. Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) has not only lost the match but also lost the key all-rounder in the name of Mitch Marsh- A mighty Australian.

That loss was a major setback to us (I mean the team, and the fans), we lost the next match again on the 26th of September, but thankfully there weren’t any injuries that night. IPL 2019’s opening masters (Warner, Bairstow) weren’t at their best this season and people started to write us off, aptly so, as it was only Rashid’s Spin that was doing the talking for most of the time.

Rashid’s Magic

But, somewhere deep inside my heart, there was this cricketer trying to analyse the best combinations for our team and as I thought, we got back our middle order guardian/banker- Kane Williamson, and it immediately paid dividends, we register our first win of the tournament on 29th of September, and we also followed it up with another win in our next game on 02nd of October, but that win wasn’t to savour, we lost our bowling spearhead- Buvneshwar Kumar.

The next couple of weeks were tough for us as we lost 4 matches out of 5, and we had to lose our banker as well, due to the hamstring injury. Little did we have hopes for the playoffs. But then, our team captain trusted the team, backed the boys, shown the confidence, we as fans have kept trust in our team and gave them all the support we can virtually, as that has been the new normal.

Winning 4 out of next 5 matches and beating the top three sides of the tournament with the help of Warner, Saha, Manish, Kane, Vijay Shankar, Priyam, Abhishek, Holder, Rashid, Nadeem, Sandeep, Nattu ❤Khaleel, we have rocketed our way into the playoffs, with lot more confidence and momentum, as always it wasn’t without a but. But, in the course of establishing our names again and proving others that we are neither underdogs nor a placid team that depends on just a few players, we had to lose our top order batsman/keeper- Saha, and a middle-order allrounder- Vijay Shankar due to injuries.

But then, we were resilient, proved again that we aren’t a team with a couple of big names, we are a team of 11 players and each of them contributes given the situation. We as a team won our first eliminator and marched ahead into the second qualifier.

The situation was set, players were ready, we (Fans) were all excited and cheering, and then came the devil’s own luck, the adversity! Our team the mighty Sunrisers had an off day in the game as the sun sets over the Abu Dhabi. The hopes of the team, and millions of fans of brining back the silverware home after 3 years had gone down, we were shattered and disappointed as we had lost our qualifier and were eliminated from the tournament just before the final (the next step).

As it is in our blood- Resilience, we have faced a lot of injuries, we have accepted them and moved on from strength to strength and now again we will back that and will be ready again to cheer you next year, but before that, We would like you to know that we appreciate your hard work staying in the bubble following the same routine day in and day out and we would also like to say a big THANK YOU! ❤ for all the entertainment you have given us over the last 6 weeks.

We are going to miss Warner’s blaze at the top, Manish’s grit, the Williamson’s elegance, Rashid’s mystery, Sandeep’s Swing and knuckles and the feisty Nattu’s Yorkers.

As always, we will come back stronger next year and rise again Sunrisers <3, hopefully, this time in our home ground at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium at Uppal in Hyderabad under the loud chants of “Sunrisers Sunrisers Sunrisers”, until then lots of love and support to all the players, support staff, team management and our very own Orange Army <3.

P.S: SRH has won 8 matches in the tournament and 8 different players were named as the Man of the Match. So, what does that mean? I would leave the conclusion to you. Ciao.

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