A trip to Milky Way- Our Galaxy

A cot made up of nave and a pillow made of polyster on the terrace of a two storey building for about two months during every summer for almost six years was my night’s bed, and listening to the stories read to me by my grandmother was the best part of my childhood that I could remember.

A new story each night and a new suspense in every story were some of the best memories. I wasn’t the only one listening to those stories, there were millions of stars, our own galaxy (milky way) listening patiently to each and every word uttered by my grandmother.

Gazing at those stars every night only increased my affinity towards them and their glitter only ushered my night for a peaceful sleep; after moving to a metro town, my summers totally changed, my nights were more mundane hooked to a room in an apartment.


The best time I generally have during my travels would be the nights under the stary sky, and my recent one to the Scotland of India has given me an opportunity to relive my childhood again. But this time around I had my tools to capture them and make it a memorable one.

After having our dinner in Madikeri, we went for a drive along the western ghats under a glittery sky to figure out a place to park our car and gaze at those wonderful stars and try counting them if at all possible.


After driving for about 5 KM, we found a place to park and settled under the the night sky, the view was amazing and fortunately that being a new moon day there was absolutely no sign of moon, so the night sky is completely filled with the glitter of those millions of little marvels ushering nights of millions of people for a peaceful sleep.

The night sky seemed magical, the stars were at their best, they were shinning at their highest level and we could hear the sounds of little bees buzzing, some animals at the nearby bushes making noises, some insects whispering and some clouds running over the glittering stars; overall, it was a lost feeling in the Jungle with a known road.


As a travel photographer, capturing the Milky Way was in my bucket list from a long time, and moreover I wanted to capture it during my travel rather an exclusive trial. Eventually that night the dream has come true, I had the gear and company to help me live the dream. Milky way was glowing brightly over us glittering the entire western ghats and we were at the middle of this entire setup embracing the night show.


I hope you liked our night in Madikeri, if so, please read my other travel experiences down below in the same blog and follow me on Instagram for more travel pictures, until then, happy traveling and happy clicking. Peace!











































































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