Happiness or Hampiness?- Tale of Hampi

Hampi, a well-known name for the archaeological ruins of the Vijayanagara empire. The landscapes and the history makes this a must visit place for most of the Indian travel enthusiasts and the foreign travelers. I was shell shocked to know about the royal history and the devastating attack on this empire; history apart, what is it in Hampi that attracts so many people?


Perspective matters- different view of Hampi

The welcoming Sunrise, the soothing sunset, mesmerizing architecture, royal history and the devastating ruins are few of the things which intrigue people to give Hampi a visit.

As I was in Bangalore it was easy for me to visit Hampi as it was just 350 km away; my friends and I have decided to go on a road trip to Hampi and it was planned during my birthday which made this trip more interesting and closer to my heart.

Travel squad

After driving for more than 6 hours we were welcomed by an astonishing sunrise- the blue sky (technically pink) and the open fields have set the stage for the sun to burn it down with its might and thus we were bestowed with an amazing view of Sun rising through these open fields. Wow! was our only reaction.

This view- Sunrise

As we moved past witnessing this beauty, the city caught us dumbfounded with its architectural splendor; somehow, we managed to get back to our senses and started our hunt for a place to bash in.

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After checking out few places, we have settled down at Heritage resort which was simply stupefying. The greenery and the location were magnificent. After settling down and taking a nap we have started on our journey to explore the city of ruins.

Virupaksha temple was our first destination and the hill adjacent to the temple grabbed our attention and we were on our feet climbing up the hill to get to a famous sunset spot. As we reached the top of the hill, the stage was again set for the sun, but this time to bow down to the huge land mass and elapse through the horizon after a tiring day at work. While the Sun was busy performing aforementioned tasks, we were busy capturing pictures and running around the hill.

Sunset Spot

As the sun finally settled down, we have sat down at the top of the hill sinking in the beauty and feeling the cold breeze tangling our hairs through our face.

Marking the day off, we have reached our temporary nests to doze off, rather we started to ramble about our lives, jeez! That was such a fun hour, and as the clock ticked past 1 in the night, we embraced ourselves to the blankets and dozed off.

Soothe and relax- Sunset

The next day had a lot of things in store for us, the day started off on a good note- multi cuisine breakfast, next meal we had was after 12 hours, imagine the amount of food we consumed 😉

The lotus mahal, the stepped tank, Vitala temple, Hemakuta hill were few of the places we have visited. After a long day and running through the above places we were back on our way to Bangalore.


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The history was rich, the places were intriguing, evenings were soothing, mornings were welcoming, overall Hampi was engrossing.

Praising the architecture, joking around the ruins, running around pulling each other’s legs, posing for the pictures, rambling about the most trifling things in life, listening to one’s past experiences made this trip an eventful and a memorable journey of our lives.

View from the Hemakuta hill

Do give this spectacle a visit and adore its beauty. Have a read about my other travel tales in the same blog down below, until next time, peace and happy traveling.

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  1. Hampi is on my list and you make it sound like I urgently need to go give Hampi a hug! And man! Those photos look like paintings! Absolutely fantabulous!


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