The Fairy Land!

Many of us in our childhood would have wondered about the Fairy Land, how does it look? How does it feel? Can we ever go there? These are few of the questions that would have popped up in your head? Haven’t they?

Gateway to the city

I have just witnessed a fairy land on our mother Earth, located in the northern Europe in the country of Belgium this fairy land is called as the City of Brugge or Bruges!

Streets of Bruges

The city was built during the medieval period and it still holds on the ancient architecture to it adding in the modern tinge, this place is just an hour drive from the city of Brussels and should be on your bucket list.

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The city was just mesmerizing, I have no idea on how to describe its beauty; those lovely canals, tall cathedrals, structured houses, narrow streets, warm people, lovely food these are few attributes which makes this city an ancient marvel in this modern world.

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I was welcomed with the pidges singing in a park which is built along the canal, the greenery of the park didn’t let me move. And the next moment I find myself at a place called as Grote Markt- the market place during the medieval age where people use to assemble for every happening in the city.

Grote Markt

The Markt place was enchanting, the colored stores from the history gave it an ancient vibe yet beholding one’s attention for the modern art. One other place that grabbed everyone’s attention along with the colored stores was the mighty Belfry of Bruges.

Belfry Of Bruges

Belfry of Bruges or the Belfort tower was located on the southern side of the Markt was the symbol of Bruges, this tower is nothing but a modern-day clock tower which rings the bell every hour and also defining the mood of the city. The history of the tower and its acoustics were very nicely detailed and should be read when you are in Bruges.

View of Bruges from Belfort Tower

Every stop you take makes you feel that you are in a fairy land enduring the luxuries of a prince or a princess; there was a lovers park built by the running canal in the city which was just ravishing, the beauty was double folded with the presence of ducks (yeah, when you’re living in a metro city you feel intrigued with ducks as well )

The canal

Different places were described above but the beauty of the city was the canal that was running through it, as a matter of fact Bruges is called as Venice of the North; I haven’t personally visited Venice, but I feel this fairy land should never be compared or named after any other place. The boat ride takes you through the entire city and will open you up to the new perspectives of architecture.

One fact which left me astonished was that the level of water will always remain the same no matter how heavy or light the rains are; Bruges was also in the news recently for building a whale out of plastic that was thrown into the canal.

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The Grote Markt, Belfry of Bruges, the cathedral of holy blood, the lovers park, canal ride, are the places to visit and the things to do as a tourist, but if you are a solo nomad, then I would suggest you take a night out here, stroll across the city under lights, get a new perspective of warmness and enjoy a tension free night.

The Markt Square

The environmentalists and the people of Bruges have taken up the responsibility to make this a green city and are thriving in it. As the day passed by the evening has started to take over and my time in this fairy land was ticking out.

Plastic Whale

After doing all the things mentioned above, I had to make the long walk back to the train station carrying a heartfelt happiness and a mindful of memories; for me the city of Bruges is a fairy land where we always wanted to be and not leave.

Brugge Beer

Do read my other travel experiences below; until next time, peace and happy traveling.

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