Travel tale to Papi hills

We woke up to witness the Sun peeking through the gloomy clouds, river gushing through the mighty mountains, and cold breeze blowing through a tiny opening of our window. Yes, we have reached our initial destination in Andhra-Pradesh (a south Indian state)- Rajahmundry.

We have received a warm welcome from nature as well as people; Reaching this place was just the beginning of our journey as we embarked on our actual escapade.

Surrounding the Indian river Godavari, this place is known for its greenery, mountains, flora, and fauna. While most of the people living in this state will experience the joyride of passing through this place just to reach Bhadrachalam, we wanted to experience the other side of this beauty by camping at an island called Kolluru island.

This isn’t a place, these a group of mountains perfectly nestled and arranged alongside the river and are called as Papi hills or Papikondalu. The boat ride was ideal to view their beauty as it not only revealed us the beauty of the mountains but also offered us the taste of the mountain culture.

Papikondalu boat ride

We have visited many places which are located in these mountains and understood their lifestyle; this experience has changed the definition of hardships one go through in their lives.

After traveling and traversing through these mountains along the river in a boat, we have reached our island in the evening as the Sun started to show its mercy.

The white sand, the docked boats, the mighty mountains, the blue river, the bamboo huts have made our evening soothing and relaxing. There was a small tributary of this big river Godavari flowing beside our bamboo hut, that was the moment which we seized and boom there we were in a flash.

Kolluru island Bamboo huts

Disconnected from all the heavenly possessions and turmoil, this is a perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation. With winter being the goto season for this place I feel early summers also hold the same with fewer people and calmer environment.

Counting the stars and embracing the night’s breeze has been the most fascinating aspect of this trip.

With everything said, the future of this place looks ominous as the government of Andhra Pradesh is going to start a project (construction of a water dam) which would demolish this entire region for the benefit of several thousand farmers. So, all the travel enthusiasts pack your bags now and visit this place ASAP.

Somewhere amidst our boat ride

That was the time when I didn’t own a DSLR nor a smartphone with a smarter camera.
P.S All the pictures are not shot by me.


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