An Adventurous Travel Tale

Adventure, the word which is being used by many of the youngsters from each and every athwart of the world, and I being one of the youngsters would use it to elucidate my recent travel tale.

Dusk till Dawn

Located in the western Karnataka (a South Indian State) and close to the “pearl of the Orient”- Dandeli is a home for many of the wild animals and natural habitats; the livelihood of the people who live here is the west coast paper mill.

Syntheri Rocks

Whichever road we took, it had something to offer us with its curves and slopes; with the forest cover on both the sides of the roads the journey was as thrilling as ever.

River Rafting is one of the famous outdoor activities that Dandeli offers to its visitors and we were no exception. However, the stream wasn’t rough enough to embrace it, thanks to the hot summers.

Sunrise view

Our stay was planned in a camp that was amidst the forest. The sight of the sun rising through the towering trees was so energizing, and the sight of the moon in between those trees was so relaxing.

While jungle has its own features to intrigue the people, I realized the amount of acumen that is required to traverse through it. The walks we had and talks we did were indeed funny enough to roll on the floor laughing.

Nature Walk

The trek to a group of caves (Ulavi Caves) deep inside the forest was one hell of an adventure as it tested our stamina and skill. While most of them were easy to go through there was one where we can only crawl.

Crawling Caves (aka Ulavi)

None of the adjectives or the superlatives can describe that feeling of accomplishment. Climbing on the made-up ladders, holding onto the ropes, crawling through the rocks, drowning in the muddy water, beating the sun’s heat, quenching the thirst, lending a helping hand, and maintaining the smirk on the face is what makes this experience a close one to the heart and adventurous.

We were accompanied by many of our ancestors and short-lived creatures; there were many insects living in the neighborhood and we made sure that we weren’t any hindrance to their privacy 😉



While most of us embraced the bed to energize our bodies for coming days, a bunch of us were all awake to talk and make this memory last a lifetime.

Overall, Dandeli is a perfect getaway for a weekend, and make sure you got the right gang to enjoy the serene and calm surroundings.

Soothing view


P.S: All the pictures were shot by me.

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  1. There was a smile on my face when I read this. Many more trips to go. Yayyy…


  2. Dandeli beautifully Put in pictures n equally in words.. Liked the Moon Picture 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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