Voyage in Pensioner’s paradise

Right after hearing that this place was called a pensioner’s paradise, my senses seemed to have startled, my eyebrows seemed to have raised; I’m unsure whether it is still apt to call this place as pensioner’s paradise; a small journey of a person whom I know will corroborate my feeling.

A place where our aging grandparents and parents can rest peacefully after working for the betterment of their families for years would least expect it to be peaceful, fresh and cheerful. Such a place where the climate is pleasant throughout the year, with a tagline the garden city is the find for their quest. while the pension is given to the people who work for the government organizations, this city was built around organizations like HAL, BEL, ISRO, ITI, and many more. So this is it then, we have a paradise for them.

The above situation was a long time back, what is the situation now? Do you think it is still the same?

With the IT taking over the city; this place now has an umpty number of potholes, malls, clogged drains, dust, and smog. With this being the current situation, let’s read about our person’s recent experience.

Heading to bed at close to 11 in the night after a tiring day at work, I forgot about a meeting which I had to attend at 10:30 the next day. Getting up at close to 8:30 in the morning, I got myself ready to head to work around 9. After a struggle, I got my cab at 9:15, while my workplace is just four and a half kilometers from my place, it typically takes me around 20 min to ride on my bicycle, as it was late yesterday I had to leave it at my workplace itself.

Now then, with 15 min clocked down, I hardly made a distance of a kilometer, thanks to the city’s traffic. Now the clock is ticking at half-past 9; I asked the driver to end my trip and trusted my legs (which I feel is the faster mode of transport) after walking for around 15 min in the torrid sun, my body seemed to have succumbed to the heat and the pollution, but I dragged myself to a place where I can breathe.

A quick look towards my watch 2km down and its clocking quarter to ten. arghhhh (a sigh); Autoo is what I screech, and the same thing continues 25 minutes up, one and a half kilometer down, and here I end up again with nowhere to move in an auto stranded in the middle of an amass of strangers heading to work. I pay the auto guy and back on my legs again.

God shows us the way, and here I reach 5 min ahead to my scheduled time of meeting after an awe-inspiring (words which cannot be officially used so, fill in the word of your choice at awe-inspiring’s place) journey. And the day continues…

Wait… we are not yet done; With sun showing its power during the day, it was the time when clouds took its revenge. Dark clouds hovered over the city taking it down with its weight (heavy rainfall); I have decided to start back to my place when the intensity has shown its mercy over us. My partner was my bicycle, let’s ride it.

After half n hour, I’ve reached my place. Are you thinking its all cool? Nope, actually, the clouds haven’t shown its mercy. The drizzle got heavier on my way and since it was a bicycle; I’ve got drenched both in the rain as well as mud. Thanks to the continuous construction throughout the city to accommodate the demanding business.

Well, so is this place still a pensioner’s paradise? And if you haven’t figured out this place yet, it is non-other than our Bengaluru or rather we call it as namma Bengaluru.

It is high time we restore back what it is known- for or find a suitable tagline along with a place which can be called a pensioner’s paradise

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