Golden Days!

Let’s take a moment off from our busy schedule and think about those precious four years of our lives which gave us the strength, courage, and stamina to fight and achieve wonders in our years to come.  Every person in their life has felt it at some point in time that those days are the ones which we should get back to, not to set something straight but rather to relive those moments once again.

Here I take you guys back in time to the most precious days of my life; It all started in 2011 when I’ve decided to head to this place to pursue my engineering; I was initially very skeptical about this place and had almost decided to go back. Slowly did I realize what I would have missed if I had gone back. we neither had fancy fresher parties nor the heart-rending farewell’s, we had everlasting eventful days throughout the time in college

There are so many memories I’m lost in, making it hard for me to put my words to describe each of those captivating moments; running through the corridors in the hostel to find a vacant washroom to satisfy the bodily needs during the start of our day 😉 ,  those late night studies over the dining tables, that accomplished feel (very seldom) when we get the output in the lab externals.

Those birthday bashes, late night movies, freakish dances, late night games, proxies, parties for silly reasons, and especially the escapades through the hostel made my life at this place an enchanting experience in this short span of my existence.

The one thing which I still treasure more than anything else is my cricket, and those discussions I had with my friends. We used to have a specific spot in our ground under a tree, which we thought is planted only for us to have such discussions, the moments which we shared under that tree are still a treasure for each one of us. Those victorious moments, those losing moments, those injuries had made that spot even more memorable for us, each of such moments made us gather for some more time to discuss some key points 😛

The birthday dances are some of the funniest moments we shared together, the dumb charades we played with our own rules (only *****), overnight movie marathon, overnight COUNTER STRIKE, NFS, RUSH made our nights the best of them all.

Those sweaty days during the first hours of college after playing in the morning, those marathons with an empty bucket throughout the hostel, stalking our girls, running behind them, those secret gossips about the relationships, everlasting phonecalls, breaching the windows firewall to make sure we are connected, those midnight texts are the moments which show me how life has moved on since then.

That smile which we used to carry on our faces was so pristine and blooming; We had no fear of tomorrow, no risks, ample time, cheerful company. I personally made the best moments of my life at this place, got the friends for life.

We used to call this place as “HOME AWAY FROM HOME” and truly they were the GOLDEN DAYS of our life.

Miss my college life, forever and ever a SASTRAITE ❤


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  1. Those are indeed golden days of our lives which would never come back :(. For a second, you made me feel the presence of our college.

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