Old war-horse, running strong

Leading into the tournament with a lot of expectations and rivalry, Australian team selection has been pointed out by a lot of critics about the inclusion of Tim Paine, did he live up to them or not? well, by now you cricket lovers, followers and critics would have had the answer. English men had to enter the land of Kangaroos with a major setback; exclusion of the Vice Captain- Ben Stokes.

With all the build-up for the series and the history it upholds goes back in time for more than a century and this series is no less interesting; while we claim the 2013-14 Ashes in Australia as the fiery Mitchell Johnson’s Ashes this has to be called as the Mighty Steve Smith’s Ashes. The prolific run-scorer was at his best in the business and was ably supported by his fellow team-mates in both batting and bowling, and we know about the Aussie fielding; Less to discuss in that context.

On the contrary, English men have one more Ashes tournament to be wiped-out from the record books. unfortunately, they can only do it from their minds; which is still an arduous task. Few things to take away would be the Cook’s Marathon innings to get some confidence, Malan’s consistent performance in the middle order and Jimmy’s fitness and consistency.

The 35-year old, Burnley Express was steaming in continuously for five tests without any fitness problems. Of all the seamers in the contest, Anderson is the one to bowl the most number of balls and to concede the least number of runs. Being the leading wicket-taker for the English men, Ashes 2017-2018 has been a good one for Jimmy on a personal note but not from the team’s front.

Taking 17 wickets at an average of 27, and marking his stamp in Australia for all the speculations of not being a better bowler outside of England with a 5-fer; Jimmy has lead the English bowling attack with at most sincerity and respect. While other bowlers were not being able to perform up to their level, Jimmy has shown to the world what he is capable off even at his age on the field during the hot Australian spring.

James Micheal Anderson has once again proved that he is the best in the Test be it any conditions: OLD WAR HORSE is still running strong and has much more to come, eagerly waiting for him to become the leading wicket-taker by a pacer in the tests.


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