Ladakh: The journey of life

I wished for the time to stand still as there shouldn’t be any way of escape from these moments. These are breathtaking, nerve-racking and cliffhanger moments. These moments are achieved by overcoming numerous hurdles, everlasting dreams, uncountable plans and tiring journeys. What are these moments? Why are they so special?

The Journey begins…

There was a continuous buzz along our way to Manali (Himachal Pradesh) from our capital city, as we open the window curtain, we find a stunning scenery; river BEAS is rushing through the mountains of the Himachal with the clouds touching us and the occasional sight of the gorgeous waterfalls flowing through the curves of these mountain ranges is the moment worth holding onto.

The very next day we start our journey to the land of high passes(Ladakh) from Manali, many people across the world dream about visiting this place. The reason being the beauty of this place which lies in its geography. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas and the Karakoram range, Ladakh is the border between India and China. With major attraction being the barren landscape which it offers to its visitors.

En-route Leh

As we embark on our memorable journey, every moment was worth capturing; the mountains, the valleys, the waterfalls, the rivers, the roads never failed to thrill us throughout our journey. After traveling for two days and passing through all of them and staying down in the camps amidst the cold mountains with the sound of hustle between the water and rocks is the moment worth experiencing.

Finally, after three days of our Journey, we reach our destination which is the melting pot of cultures. Leh is an eastern district of the Ladakh, which is the coldest and the most elevated inhabited region in the world, with a sparse population density the region is known for the highest motorable passes in the world, the monasteries, the magnetic hill and many such wonders.

Leh city view

Sangam: A confluence of rivers; as the name suggests two great Himalayan rivers Zanskar and Indus meet at a point offering us a spectacular view. Along with the view, it also offers us an enthralling adventure. It is the world’s highest altitude river rafting. Sitting in the raft holding the T-grip of the paddle and as you hear the command ‘Forward’ you bend your body and row with your paddle in the cold water is the moment worth going through in your life.

Highest peak rafting

There are sand dunes surrounded by prodigious mountains and a river rushing through these mountains along with the greenery of plants. what do we call such a place? And our journey to such a queer place also had an adventure planned for us. We are supposed to pass through the world’s highest motorable road (Khardungla Pass). They call it as bikers paradise, trust me the adventure we had passing through this road was astounding. Riding the bike along the edge of a cliff at an altitude of 18300 feet was fun 😉 and the water from the melting ice caps makes the road slippery and the drive in the mountains was so onerous as there was always an enigma involved with it. After crossing this pass and reaching our destination the strange geography associated with this place made it stand out from the rest. It is called as the Nubra Valley.

Nubra Valley

Our final destination for this trip included a short journey to Pangong lake and this short journey had something amazing planned for us, the experiences we had while passing through Khardungla top are eclipsed by this short journey of ours, which included passing through the world’s second highest motorable road (Changla Pass), the drive to cross this pass was an arduous task which tested our stamina to the core for the steepness it offered the riders to climb this pass. After making our way through it we were thrilled to see the landscape surrounding us.

we reached our destination after traveling for five hours. Tranquility the lake offered was the best experience one can go through in their life. This lake was surrounded by the beautiful Himalayas and is situated at a height of 14200 feet, the scenery it offered was so staggering that we fall short of words to describe it. The crystal clear water was cold for one to get into it and also salty for one to taste it, yet people tend to do it for their experience.

Sitting on the bank of this lake with a little shiver due to the chillness, flowing hair acknowledging the passing breeze, setting Sun waving a goodbye to the world, standing mountains showing us the heights to reach, blue water symbolizing the depth and stability are the moments to be seized and lived forever. This is what life is all about.

Pangong Lake

“The trails will outlast roads, the culture will outlast tourism and the spirit of Ladakh will outlive them all.”
Happy traveling.

P.S: Photos are shot by me 😀

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  1. I revisted everything again ✌️” The trails will outlast roads, the culture will outlast tourism and the spirit of Ladakh will outlive them all ” , I remember reading and memorizing this in the Hall of Fame aptly describe this place and the people! 😍


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