Genesis of Love

The Clock is ticking and there are only thirty minutes left for the examination. Raj can you hand me the text book asks Sid sitting at the corner of his bed; fiddling with a pencil in his hand, having a messed up hair and an eyeglasses sliding down his nose. Yes, take it says Raj handing him the book. Taking the text book, Sid adjusts his glasses and stands up to get ready for the examination

Six months seems to have passed away with in a blink of an eye, making it seem like a flash. Raj interrupts Sid saying: Dude, can you please hold on. There are only thirty minutes left for our final examination of this semester; do you mind holding these words for three more hours and winks. Sid acknowledges it and moves on.

Ten more minutes left for the exam and all the students near the exam hall seem to be present in their own worlds, which are far away from our galaxy and even the mightiest of forces can’t divert their concentration and bring them back to this earth. Under such circumstances, wearing a torn light blue jean and a black shirt all buttoned up. Backpack on one shoulder, with shoes not been fully laced, adjusting his long silky hair, flexing his biceps walks Sid to the examination hall. Settles at a corner near the hall removing his Engineering Drawing[ED] tools to be ready for the examination.

Opening up his ED text book for one last time, rather than figuring out a page where he can find what he is seeking, Sid seems to be have figured out something bigger, something important, something precious than the boring drawing. Sid finds an alluring girl making her way to the hall holding her books in the hand.

All of a sudden time seemed to have stood still for a moment. The girl seems to have taken his breath away. Dressed up in a traditional Indian attire with a yellow chudidhar, even the Kohinoor would have faded away before her beauty. With semi curly hair dropping down her shoulder she waves a hello to a gang of friends in front of her and with a tensed face miss ‘X’ walks past Sid to an other corner of the hall.

With two minutes to go everyone seemed to have lined up to get into the hall, Sid who was lost in his imaginary thoughts was due to get back to his senses and make his way into the big queue of students; making his way to the hall on time to find the girl sitting at a far front adjacent to his column.

To make it clear, 200 students are writing their exam in the hall; who are divided into five columns with 40 students in each. Sid is the penultimate guy of the second column, while miss ‘X’ seems to be somewhere in the first ten of the first column. With three hours remaining in the exam, Sid seems to have hardly concentrated on his paper, but do you think he was able to see her? The answer would be yes, he was able to see the darkest part of her. Don’t get me wrong, Those are the very beautifully molded semi curly hairs.

Sid seems to be lost in the thoughts of miss ‘X’, struggling to make it to the completion of the exam, with a half hour to go. Sid lifts his head up to witness what has broken the nerves those connect the whole body to his heart: Miss ‘X’ has left the hall. Sid fell prey to her beauty and now he is grief-stricken.

Dejected Sid walks out of the hall digesting the hard fact that he couldn’t talk to her and know what her name is. With holidays calling and the environment building around it made Sid overcome the thoughts about the beautiful angel that walked passed his life showing him the glimpse of an abode of love.

There is a saying, true love never dies and will come back. Wohooo; hold on. True love? When did this happen? Just at the first sight? Do you believe in that? Will Sid meet miss ‘X’?

After 3 weeks of holidays Sid finally comes down to the place where he lost the sight of the most captivating girl he has seen in his whole life; with the first day coming up tomorrow night seemed to have rushed in between the hustle of imaginations and reality.

As they say, “our destiny is already written” Sid enters his classroom and to his surprise all the first rows are full, he then gently makes his way to the last row and finds himself a place to relish his dreams of becoming a cricketer. After first two classes, there was a break for 10 minutes, where he finds a fetching girl walk out of the classroom. Trying to figure out who she is; Sid bends down perpendicular to his current position making himself to be in an awkward posture which eventually turned out be an embarrassing situation for him.

With the girl walking away from his sight, Sid runs out of the classroom to find who she was? At the end of the walk way, the girl takes a left turn making her face glow due to the sunshine; that is when a thousand butterflies seemed to be flying in Sid’s stomach. For all the good he has done in his life the girl was the gorgeous miss ‘X’.  Jumping around in ebullience, Sid takes control over his emotions and gets back to the class and was waiting for the class to start so that he can know her name when it was time for the attendance.

Nakshatra, yes sir; a feeble voice seems to have filled a void in Sid’s heart. The girl who made a guy die internally even though he is alive. Nakshatra(star) is her name; how on the earth their parents got a thought of naming her child with such a great name, which just suits her perfectly.

With two days of admiring her beauty and following her around the campus, it was finally a lab session where Sid walks down to her and says

“Hi Nakshatra, this is Siddarth(Sid)” and the story begins forever….


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  1. Interestingly I am seeing manu is making/writing good heart touching stories. As if he really fell in love.


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