Role play of thoughts!

When you sit back and contemplate about what has happened in your life, the thoughts that flow through your head are those which either made you happy or sad, but don’t you think you have gone through enough and more emotions rather than just two? What does this mundane daily routine have to offer you in life? What are we here to do? Compete, survive and die?


Our actions are the reflections of our thoughts; in this competitive world, there is no place for being complacent. So, how do we grow in our lives? How do we compete and prove our worth? Are we here only to compete? The answer to this is concealed in your deepest thoughts; Thoughts are controlled by our nature. Every soul on this planet are of their own kind, which means we have billions of people who are seeking happiness in their own way; so it is our nature that helps us decide what makes us happy, and our thoughts are solely controlled by either our happiness or things which intimidate us. So don’t worry about competing, just worry about having positive thoughts.

‘Frightened’, ‘Intimidated’ is not often accepted by an individual even though he/she is; reason being the judgmental surroundings. But this particular feeling plays one of the pivotal roles in controlling our thoughts. A frightened person would feel low with a thought running behind him poking him, stopping him finally making him circumspect and not delivering what he/she wants to, which makes them feel sad, crestfallen, despaired. How do we deal with it? There are two key resolutions (possibly); start accepting your fear and use your strengths to negate them and stop being judgmental about fellow beings, which not only helps us to build our character but also to have a control over our thoughts.

The routine is how you perceive it and most of the times it’s mundane, how do we deal with it? One of the possible solutions would be to help others succeed, it adds up that tinge to our lives which make us feel content. If you are happy with your routine, doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from helping others. A person with a happy routine should try to expand his knowledge and have a significant positive impact on fellow being’s life.

So, after doing all these; where does life take us? Are we happy? We are just surviving in this paced environment. Can we make a life out of this survival feet? It is still a hypothetical question. But for the matter of fact, it is how content a person will feel with his work is what makes him stand out and that’s what life teaches us.


Let alone the competition, let alone the survival and let alone the life lessons, finally it boils down to each individual and how positive are their thoughts; don’t worry about what others think, worry about your thoughts, contemplate, streamline them, dream big, look ahead, help others, survive live and let others live. Spread happiness and kill envy; this is what life is all about.

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