The long-awaited ride: Bangalore to Hyderabad

I always had a fascination for motorcycles and road trips, and my love for them only grew with time, I own a Yamaha FZ which you might have noticed in my earlier blogs- It is a naked street motorcycle and is a perfect weekend companion. I had gone on many road trips on it, but... Continue Reading →

2020- The Sunrisers Show <3

With half of the world coming to standstill by the middle of 2020 due to the global pandemic, livelihood of many people were at stake, millions of individuals have lost their jobs, economies of various countries started to tumble as lockdowns were imposed. But, then came the hope as the inevitable slowly started to fade... Continue Reading →

A walk down the Nature’s splendor

After a tiring day at work, coming back to hotel and thinking about the things to do for tomorrow has been my daily evening schedule, so on this day, that is today, which is right now, I've decided to do something different. As the evening starts to ascend the flowers start to feel different, the... Continue Reading →

A day as a Roman

Have you ever heard of the phrase “when you’re in Rome be a Roman”? I’m sure you would have heard at least once in your life. This was the thing that got me going to Rome and spend a day as a Roman- Not a royal life rather a true roman voyager on foot Known... Continue Reading →

The Monsoon Ride into the Thunderstorm

Hey Sid, let's go to Sringeri this weekend asked my friend Kate on a Wednesday evening, with travel being one of my survival escapades every month, my heart instantly answered through my mouth as yes, let's go. Sid: Hey Sandy, will you join us for Sringeri this weekend? Sandy: Sure, why not. Sid: Hey Chav,... Continue Reading →

Revving into the green paradise

Well, most of the people have this notion about road trip being a waste of time as there is nothing to experience. But, trust me, go on one and you will realize what it is all about. You need passion to drive through the entire course and still have the last bit of energy to... Continue Reading →

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